Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catch up/ Ketchup

SO turn out getting back in the swing of things after the break is taking more work then i thought it would. but bear with me and ill catch up soon.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dial up...

So long story short iam heading home for christmas break - which means the return to dial up which then in turn means i more then likely will not take the time to sit and wait to post things, so your on your own! if i see you i see you , if not well ill return when iam back at school!
Enjoy the break!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Piles and Short Skirts..

Tuesday i didnt really have much for plans other then a staff meeting but i was dying to wear my sparkly tights so that meant i just did it, had a blast and showed up wearing...
sparkly tights - AA
Black shorts- Zara
Purple sweater and Green tank- Dynamite 
and you cant see them but i had my black and white keds on

It was a good day , the sparkly tights where a big plus +
Tuesday night it snowed, i may or may not have stayed up for an extra hour just to watch it come down. i really love the snow! its a blasty blast , but it seems when i moved to school this year i forgot my actual snow boots so when i walked to skating on Wednesday night i got to rock my sweet rubber boots with leg warmers! its surprisingly warm and comfortable - so this maybe happening all winter long.

Thursday I (somehow) ended up wearing 3 different outfits ... i dont know how i did it. Forgot to take a picture of the first one but iam sure it will happen again. then there was the old 'found in closet" tshirt with jeans and boots/leg warmer combo for walking over to school and working in the print lab.
Which was then followed by pub; there was a theme but we made up our own. this led me to go wearing :
black tank- garage
key lock necklace - borrowed from a friend
gold skirt- AA
black boots- Payless! ( i have big feet, and they have bigger shoes= a match!)
All in all Thursday was a blast and alot of friends ended up coming out. alright i must run off and check something else off my to do list!

crammin up a storm

Hey! well if you didnt know its exam time for us university kids- which leads to late night, insane piles of books/papers and .... ( drum roll please) - Middle of the night Bathroom photo shoots.
I spend Friday night holed up in my room studying so comfort was key, which translated into: one of my mom's old shirts; love this one! she went to u of g and i now go to u of guelph-humber , tiny difference but whatever its a connection.; a pair of lululemon pants (i know i know , iam helping fuel their take over - but they are good quality and super comfortable) 

*Bathroom shot - cant you see the joy i get from studying... ha! 
more like falling asleep!

Details! yay :) if i gt my way this shirt will be in my closet for a longggggg time
After a weekend of comfort i was ready for some more closet exploration - which is a perfect lead into my next post... aka the rest of the week

Monday, December 7, 2009


i have none for you my dear...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Wayyyy to busy studying to post much today so heres a photograph from kensington a few weeks a go

Saturday, November 28, 2009

American Apparel Toronto Rummage sale... and pub!

In case you havent heard yet American Apparel has been having a sale all weekend long. Its at 590 King St west, tomorrow is the last day - its open from 10 am to 7 pm. Today i figured i would not get any studying done so going to the sale seemed like a good plan. It was pretty brutal to get up early enough, i was downtown in line by 8:30 , and even still when they were giving out tickets for return times my time wasnt till 4 pm!! When i got in line i was beside the pizza pizza and by the time the line started to move at 10 it was all the way around the street corner to who knows where!!
I decided to just stay in line and see if i would be able to get in earlier by chance before my ticket time... turned out luck was on my side and i was in by 1:30. i didnt take my camera down with me so i snapped a picture of my sweet bundle job and my goodies :)

I ended up doing pretty well .... got a grey tube dress, super large purple turtle( iam not huge of turtle necks, but i figured as a dress this would be do-able), a pair of gold leggings, light blue pleated skirt, a gold spandex skirt, and a navy blue dress. On one hand i want next week so i can throw these pieces all together yet the other hand i have exams next week :S .... tough call
I had another fun surprise when i got back to school too! the two pairs of tights that i ordered when the 30% off sale was on where waiting for me in my mail book!! even thought today was super long it was very much worth it.

Wednesday and Thursday were just shirt and jeans days but Thursday night our school pub FINALLY got their full liquor license which meant we had to go and have a good time :) This then led to ...
a blue lace back tank top- urban outfitters 
gold tube bra- American Apparel
AE Jeans                                            
It was a sweet night, had a lot of fun. somehow managed to lose my glasses for ten minutes, not good, but lucky my friends were completely cool with looking for me and long story short they ended up back where they belong  :)  YAY!
(i wore this shirt on my birthday this year too , i enjoy it)

keep your eyes open for next weeks "creations"